Katana creations are predominantly peppered along Melbourne’s eastern precinct, spanning across the bay from Brighton to Mt Eliza, all the way up through Balwyn and even onward to the verdant streets of Eltham.

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Scott Stafford


Having worked with countless families over 25 years, Scott enjoys creating ideas to reflect the unique dynamic of each household. As homes need to evolve with the changing needs of the family unit, Scott specialises in renovations and extensions, applying intuitive architecture that simplifies and supports everyday living.

Dean Williamson

Project Manager

Dean has a reputation for perfection in all things, earned over 25 years of flawless craftsmanship. This perfectionism was cemented over the decade in which Dean ran his own extension company, when he discovered his obsession for outstanding project management. Dean is responsible for many of the signature homes in Melbourne’s distinguished inner suburbs.

Nik Valentine

Design Consultant

As Katana’s senior designer of choice, Nik works closely with clients to create innovative ideas for any budget. Nik has solid working relationships with many local councils, established through running a successful building design firm in Melbourne. His goal is clear and singular: to produce breathtaking results.